Roger's Ramblings

April 2001

Well, March came in like a lion and went out throwing just about everything at us.  During the last week we had higher than average temperatures with pleasant sunshine, driving rain, hail and frost.

I really hope that April brings more settled weather, we all desperately need the opportunity to get on in the garden - weeds always grow whatever the weather, lawns need mowing and the moss which has thrived in the wet weather needs treating a.s.a.p!  I prefer to use a combined lawn weed, feed and moss killer, which if applied on a mild dry day and watered in works well.  Severe moss infestations need raking or scarifying - this usually makes the lawn look awful but does a world of good.  Aeration with a lawn aerator or fork will help relive some of the compaction caused by all the wet and don't mow too low - give the grass a chance! - little and often is best.

You will have planned your spring programme(?!) and now is the time to plant those new shrubs, trees, perennials etc., alter borders and beds, feed and weed.  Begin your spring programme on susceptible plants like roses and fruit.  Containers and hanging baskets can be planted up in the greenhouse ready for putting outside when the danger of frost is past.

More major projects can be undertaken now; that new patio, deck, summerhouse or water feature will add to your enjoyment of your garden, but remember to order your materials well in advance and if using a professional, don't expect them at a moments notice - we are all extremely busy at this time of year.

Well, fingers crossed for settled weather and a good gardening month, some hard work now will pay dividends later.




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